Moldex M6 Ear Defenders

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Introducing the exceptional M6 Earmuffs, the epitome of high-quality and robust ear protection. Engineered with precision, these earmuffs offer outstanding performance in noise attenuation, boasting an impressive SNR rating of 35 dB.

Crafted with care, the M6 Earmuffs are designed to provide optimal comfort even during extended wear. Their light and flexible construction, combined with low contact pressure, ensure a comfortable fit without compromising on effectiveness. The comfort cushions, made from viscoelastic foam, conform to the shape of your ears, enhancing comfort and reducing pressure.

The earmuffs feature ribbed air cushions, promoting cool comfort even in warm environments. The plain surface design allows for effortless cleaning, ensuring that your earmuffs remain hygienic and ready for use.

To maintain optimal performance, we recommend replacing the cushions and foam inserts every six months, indicated by Part No 6135. This ensures that your earmuffs continue to deliver the highest level of protection.

Rest assured, the M6 Earmuffs have undergone rigorous testing and certification to meet the standards set by EN 352-1:2002. You can trust in their reliability and performance, knowing that they have been tested and proven to meet industry regulations.

Choose the M6 Earmuffs for a combination of outstanding protection, comfort, and durability. Experience the difference that top-quality earmuffs can make in safeguarding your hearing. Invest in the best for your auditory well-being.