3M E.A.R Classic Disposable Foam Ear Plugs

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3M EAR Classic Foam Ear Plugs, PP-01-002, SNR 28dB Factory Sealed 100% Hygienic

3M EAR Classic are ideal for noise cancelling the machinery at work, concerts & festivals, riding motorcycles, going shooting & hunting or when you need help sleeping next to someone snoring.

They are the most popular ear plugs in the World & have been trusted by millions of users. They feature moisture resistance, extremely FAST adjustment to the shape of the ear canal (less than one minute) and seal the opening until removed without any discomfort.

3M have used a unique foamed polymer when making these earplugs, this allows for one size to fit most ears. They are very safe and easy to use & these plugs are washable!

They meet the EN352-2 Standard and have a Rating of SNR28.

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